Arjen’s solo album title and cover art revealed

February 23, 2012 by  
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In his latest video update on Youtube, Arjen reveals the title of his upcoming solo album as well as the poster created from the cover artwork, designed by artist extraordinaire Claudio Bergamin. Alert viewers will also notice that there are some snippets of music included.

Arjen Lucassen's Lost in the New Real cover art

Release dates:
23 April (Europe)
8 May (USA)



146 Responses to “Arjen’s solo album title and cover art revealed”
  1. Jason R says:


    My birthday is May 8th, and the thing I am most excited about that day is the release of this album in the US. 🙂 I got into Ayreon a couple years back at the recommendation of a prog-loving friend after we saw Porcupine Tree live and I mentioned I was seeking similar progressive music. I found Ayreon to be right up my alley musically, and fairly quickly sought out every release, and then your side-projects, and have treasured every bit of music you have been involved with. I absolutely love that your music is so expansive in musical scope, imaginative, stylistically diverse, fantastic in theme (in the scifi/fantasy sense), and overall an amazing listening experience that is so much more impressive and enjoyable than anything coming out of the mainstream. I always have found that when an artist follows their own muse and makes the music they feel inspired to make, the results show. So if you feel like doing a solo project, more Ayreon, another Star One or Guilt Machine, or something else entirely, I will follow you there. So please continue doing what you’re doing and putting out the music you enjoy making.

    Also I’ve gotten my family into Ayreon, and my youngest sister (age 11) now says that Ayreon is her favorite “band”.

    • Arjen says:

      Thanks for your inspiring words, Jason! I’m glad to read that the fun I have creating my music comes across. I hope the CD will be there in time for your birthday! Oh, and hug your little sister for me 🙂

  2. Andrew Fitzgerald says:

    Hello Arjen,
    I’m an eighteen year old music enthusiast and composer. I love your stuff. Your technical ability as well as studio proficiency is off the chain. I’m very exited for the new album, I like the eclectic vibe. I have very eclectic music tastes. So much so that only my two closest pals are willing to sample my collection. I can say I have converted them to Ayreonauts. I have been wondering what types of software you use for editing. I experiment with editing a lot, but just can never quite make that perfect, brilliant sound that is so prevalent on your albums. I don’t want to pry at your secret Arjen sauce, but if you have any wisdom to bestow, my mind is an open book.

    • Arjen says:

      Hi Andrew, good to read you enjoy my stuff. It’s great that you have an open mind! You mean editing sound or vision? In the sound studio I use Protools and Mac.

      • Andrew Fitzgerald says:

        Ok, that is sweet. I use logic studio, a capable DAW, but I have always been curious about Protools. Tell me about both vision and editing sound, if you will. I’d love to hear what you have to say.