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InsideOut has just released 3 classic Ayreon titles on vinyl: The Universal Migrator 1 (The Dream Sequencer), The Universal Migrator 2 (Flight of the Migrator), and The Human Equation. A limited number of copies will be available in Arjen’s webshop. The colored versions are pictured below, but they are also available on high quality black vinyl.new ayreon vinyls



21 Responses to “Ayreon vinyl editions”
  1. Nasino says:

    why? why be so nice with us? A new album and vinyls, Arjen are you Santa Claus? (with more hair and a meter in too) =D thank you very much and good luck !

  2. Craudio says:

    OK,I’ve got a problem: I just can’t stop listen your music. A very great job! (PS: I’m waiting for the new Ayreon chapter).
    Vinyl edition is quite a good idea…unfortunately they don’t run in my car cd player…I’m joking. Great job!

  3. Hey Arjen.

    Ik heb alle 3 de albums en draai ze bijna elke dag. Krijg er geen genoeg van.
    Nu de rest nog op vinyl!!!!!!!!!!

    Grtz Cor and say Hi to Lori 😉

    • Arjen says:

      Fijn dat je ervan kan genieten, Cor, bedankt voor het kopen! Ja, ik hoop dat de platenmaatschappij de rest ook gaat uitbrengen. Ik zal ze eens achter hun broek aanzitten 🙂

      Groetjes terug van Lori! En van mij natuurlijk 🙂

  4. Ryan 'Anterion' M. says:

    Now there is finally something that makes me want a record player. The mere thought of listening to “The Human Equation” on vinyl with headphones makes me so very happy. Thank you for this Arjen!

    I still use “The Age of Shadows” on headphones to show people what music is capable of achieving.

    • Arjen says:

      You’re welcome, Ryan, and thanks for the compliment! Oh yes, headphones is definitely the way to go. Shut out the world and enjoy 🙂

  5. Lucas Dias says:

    Hey Arjen, I’m here bothering you again, only this time to wish you a happy new year and a lot of creativity, and thank you for your music, because it means a lot to me. From his Brazilian fan number one. =]
    PS:I’m anxious for the new album
    [sorry any mistake in my english]

    • Arjen says:

      No bother at all, Lucas, quite the opposite! Thanks and of course the very best wishes to you and your loved ones as well.

  6. Henny says:

    Hey Arjan
    Bedankt voor je geweldige muziek , kijk uit naar de nieuwe Ayreon in 2013 .
    Een super gelukig 2013

    GR Henny

  7. Jake Wolf says:

    HURRAY!!! vinil, man you should provide more Ayreon things like some big headphones or a special ipod jajajaja, that would be super awesom, HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND LONG LIVE TO AYREON AND HIS AWESOM CREATOR ARJEN A. LUCCASEN!!!

  8. Artem V. Okladov says:

    Well, don’t have a vinyl turntable, but gonna collect all the “Human Equation” editions 🙂


    Dear Mr. Lucassen!
    Happy New Year and merry Christmas! Best wishes from the Eastern Europe. Here, in Ukraine, we keep calm and wait for the new Ayreon record 🙂

    Respect and best regards!

    • Arjen says:

      Thanks Artem, and also the best wishes to you of course! And thanks for buying the vinyls…even though you don’t even have a turntable…wow 🙂

  9. Felipe Junges says:

    I was only waiting for The Human Equation to be released in vinyl. Finally! Thank you very much, Arjen. Keep making masterpieces!

    • Arjen says:

      You’re welcome, Felipe, hope you’ll enjoy the vinyl! And I’ll definitely do my best, the next Ayreon is progressing nicely 🙂

  10. Shilven says:

    Thanks to Santa Claus I have them all now on black vinyl.

    Shame that I don’t have… an adapter to play them! D:

    But anyway – they’re composing beautifully to my collection. And one day you’ll sign them all, master Arjen, I promise (that to myself!) 🙂

  11. Andrea says:

    do you plan in the future to release Ayreon albums in instrumental tracks o separate stems (like jammit)? Don’t misunderstand, I love the singers and the vocal lines on your song! I know that the real opera is made by all elements,
    but as a musician I find interesting and important for valuing a song in a deep mode to hear a lot of arrangiaments or licks that are a bit covered by the voices.
    I’ve noticed that in the last years some bands released an instrumental version of their album (for example Dream Theater), even only in digital way, and it’s like to find a treasure. I hope you can think about this type of edition because your discography have a lot to discover under the surface.

    Best regards and I wish you a great 2013 😉

    • Arjen says:

      Interesting idea! But…I’m not allowed to do that, Andrea. That would be up to the record company. But if you’re looking for a track in particular, I can see what I can do for you!