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UPDATE: You can order the album in our web shop.


Hey Ayreonauts! Most of the Ayreon-related internet action is now to be found on Arjen’s Facebook page, but below you’ll find the basic info on the new Ayreon album “The Theory of Everything.”

Ayreon - The Theory of Everything

Cover for Ayreon CD – The Theory of Everything

  • The Theory of Everything features a stellar cast of guests, with members past and present of Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Kamelot, Genesis, Yes, ELP, Asia, Toehider, Grand Magus, and Ancient Bards (see below)
  • It is a double album
  • It begins a completely new story line for the Ayreon universe
  • It comprises four 20-plus minute “epics” divided into 42 separate tracks
  • It’s a true Rock Opera with a dramatic, real-world story
  • It is available in 4 editions, including an exclusive 5-disc limited edition, as well as 2LP vinyl
  • The DVD for the special and limited editions features two and a half hours of behind the scenes content
  • Release date 28 October, 2013
  • Signed copies are available in Arjen’s webshop

Arjen ran a series of “guess the musician” contests via Facebook. You can see all of the videos on his Youtube channel.



(in order of appearance)
JB (Grand Magus) as The Teacher
Sara Squadrani (Ancient Bards) as The Girl
Michael Mills (Toehider) as The Father
Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) as The Mother
Tommy Karevik (Kamelot, Seventh Wonder) as The Prodigy
Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot) as The Rival
John Wetton (Asia, King Crimson) as The Psychiatrist


Ed Warby (Hail of Bullets, Gorefest) – drums
Rick Wakeman (Yes) – keyboards
Keith Emerson (Emerson Lake and Palmer) – keyboards
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) – keyboards
Steve Hackett (Genesis) – lead guitar
Troy Donockley (Nightwish) – Whistles, Uilleann pipes
Ben Mathot (Dis) –violin
Maaike Peterse (Kingfisher Sky) – cello
Jeroen Goossens (Flairck) – flute , bass flute, piccolo, bamboo flute and contrabass flute
Siddharta Barnhoorn – orchestrations
Michael Mills (Toehider) – Irish Bouzouki
Wilmer Waarbroek – backing vocals
Arjen Anthony Lucassen – electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, analog synthesizers,
Hammond, Solina Strings

Track Listing

1 Prologue: The Blackboard
2 The Theory of Everything part 1
3 Patterns
4 The Prodigy’s World
5 The Teacher’s Discovery
6 Love and Envy
7 Progressive Waves
8 The Gift
9 The Eleventh Dimension
10 Inertia
11 The Theory of Everything part 2

12 The Consultation
13 Diagnosis
14 The Argument 1
15The Rival’s Dilemma
16 Surface Tension
17A Reason To Live
18 Potential
19 Quantum Chaos
20 Dark Medicine
21 Alive!
22 The Prediction

1 Fluctuations
2 Transformation
3 Collision
4 Side Effects
5 Frequency Modulation
6 Magnetism
7 Quid Pro Quo
8 String Theory
9 Fortune?

10 Mirror Of Dreams
11 The Lighthouse
12 The Argument 2
13 The Parting
14 The Visitation
15 The Breakthrough
16 The Note
17 The Uncertainty Principle
18 Dark Energy
19 The Theory of Everything part 3
20 The Blackboard (reprise)

DVD content

(special and limited editions only)

  1. Feature: The Making of The Theory of Everything (47:49)
  2. Full length interviews with Arjen, Cristina Scabbia, Tommy Karevik, JB, Sara Squadrani, Marco Hietala, Mike Mills, and Ed Warby (Total time 1:31:19)
  3. Time lapse clips of recording sessions (total time 12:56)

The artwork for the album cover (top of page) was painted by Belgian artist Jef Bertels, who has painted all of the Ayreon covers since Into the Electric Castle. Additional artwork for the album booklet is by Christophe Dessaigne, who also designed the Star One “Victims of the Modern Age” and Guilt Machine “On this Perfect Day.”

Arjen Lucassen releases new Ayreon album, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING

Arjen Lucassen releases new Ayreon: THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING



334 Responses to “Ayreon – THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING”
  1. Peer says:

    Hoi Arjan,
    Ben in blijde verwachting van mijn pre-order Vinyl-bundel (nog …. nachtjes slapen). Zag dat je volgende week zaterdag bij Sounds in Venlo een signeersessie hebt, waarbij een 7″ wordt weggegeven bij aankoop van het album. Is daar iets te regelen (b.v. dezelfde actie bij aankoop Universal Migrator 1+2?) Die staan n.l. op mijn verlanglijst én in de bakken bij Sounds.
    Zie je dan!
    Peer Maas

    • Arjen says:

      Ik weet het niet, Peer, dit is een actie van de platenmaatschappij en de platenwinkels. Ze hebben waarschijnlijk een 7″ per album gekregen, ik weet het niet… Je kan het natuurlijk proberen! Tot dan 🙂

  2. Paul Everett says:

    Listening to the ‘track’ Insideout Music put on Facebook I’m sold…. but then as I had already pre-ordered a bundle I guess I was sold already! Track sounds great. Looking forward to opening the bundle and playing the whole album…..the waiting will be hard but not long now! I hope it does sell well for you. As you sold out of bundles that is a good start.

    • Arjen says:

      Oh yes, Paul, the pre-sales are very promising indeed! We’re working hard to get the bundle to you in time 🙂

  3. Mason Litowsky says:

    Greetings from Canada! The Album leaked. Sorry for downloading, Arjen. But I have pre-ordered the full package. The wait just wasn’t working for me haha. But it sounds so damn good. This is one of the best things I have ever listened to.

  4. Arne Dahlby says:

    Hello Arjen.
    I’m waiting for the Postman……. And while waiting, I must admit that I have downloaded the new album from the net. I’m sorry too… I have not listened to it yet. By the other comments here, I have big expectations(as allways). Waiting for something good…. Wishing you the best, and hope The Theory Of Everything is gonna be a success. Sure it will be for me, anyway.

    • Arjen says:

      No need to apologize if you’re buying too, Arne! Thanks and enjoy 🙂

      • Travis L. says:

        The online download is like the lure of the Siren’s song… So tempting! I have been tempted in the past, but I have found that enduring the wait makes the album that much better when it finally does arrive.

        The important thing is that you did buy the album. Guys like Arjen have managed to pull off the dream; doing what he loves most in the world and making a living from doing it.

        I think if everyone could put into perspective the hours of enjoyment and inspiration musicians like Arjen bring, they would realize that a price tag of 20 or 30; or 100! dollars (I’m from the US); is an absolute steal of a deal, considering the mountain of effort that is being put into such a product.

        So, I suppose what I am trying to say is, way to go for ordering, and I am slightly jealous that you will be hearing it before I!

  5. Peter Berrevoets says:

    Skyke, you did it!
    Je hebt ze ingehaald. Weet je nog op je kamer aan de Godetiaweg met de LP’s van Rick Wakeman voor je neus? Yes, Dream Theatre…..en nu mogen ze met jou meespelen. Een diepe buiging van een oude fan van toen en nu……Peter (Sky).

    • Arjen says:

      Hee andere Skyke, leuk om weer eens van je te horen! Natuurlijk weet ik het nog. En Floyd’s A Nice Pair. En Tubular Bells natuurlijk. Mooie tijd 🙂

  6. Aart says:

    Hoi Arjen.Je zult het wel klote vinden dat het album al is gelekt en moet je eerlijk bekennen dat ik het al heb gehoord. Nou Arjen, je hebt weer een fantastisch album afgeleverd. Kan niet wachten tot mijn bestelde originele exemplaar bij mij thuis binnen is. Lekker met de koptelefoon op mijn hoofd de teksten meelezen, en mijn dag kan niet meer stuk!!

    Groet, Aart.

    • Arjen says:

      Ach Aart, ik ben inmiddels al gewend aan de illegale downloads, vrees ik 🙂 Fijn dat je hem goed vindt! Bedankt voor het kopen en nog veel luisterplezier!

  7. Steve Tribun says:

    My god….Arjen..i’m the best fan here in QUEBEC , Canada…come here please….i’ve just listening you via youtube….I’M gonna buy your album for sure…your music change my life in my romance….my mind…my conception of what is melodic..what is music….thanks to be YOU..

    • Arjen says:

      Great to read I’ve been able to do that for you, Steve, thanks for buying and enjoy the album!

      • Steve Tribun says:

        Hi and thanks Arjen..I discover you 10 years ago have all your previous album. Soory for my english (i’m Québécois !!!!) i’M 41 and you are genius!!

        have a question : Theory of Conspiracy…you beleive ?

        • Arjen says:

          Thanks for the compliment, Steve! And thanks for buying my albums 🙂 Don’t worry about your English, it’s fine! Plus mieux que mon Francais 🙂

          What conspiracy do you mean?

          • Steve Tribun says:

            Hi Arjen….I hope you feel very good tody…your french is perfect.lolll and by your question you make me smile…so you beleive this ones ?

            9/11 ?
            Gaia ?
            Apocalypse ?
            Sion ?
            Alien Panspermie ?
            Occult in music industries ?

            hope you will reply and thanks for the moment Arjen you are nice ….take care

            Steve and Nancy

          • Arjen says:

            Merci beaucoup, Steve et Nancy! Oh, which question do you mean?

          • Steve Tribun says:

            ok…soon half planet will be sure that Theory of conspiracy will be reveal to be true finnaly..not all of course but some of them…..

            Chemtrails…sinkhole….etc…You could write a whole album in the future whit the concept of theory of conspiracy who will be our future in some ways…. argggg my english is not good hé ?? lolll

          • Steve Tribun says:

            And by the way…for your arm my family send you big positive modulation. Wish you recover at 99%

          • Arjen says:

            That’s so nice, hug your whole family for me, please!

          • Steve Tribun says:

            Oh my God….theres Pink Floyd The Wall and your new album..arjen!

            And your lyrics fit particuliary in my conspiracy theory : Jean Pierre Garnier Mallet ( the doubling time theory)

          • Arjen says:

            Oh yes, Steve… the mighty Floyd influence will never be far from my work!

  8. Jurriaan says:

    Such a surprise, the new Ayreon in the mail as I got home from work! Album of the year, thank you so much! I’ll be watching the DVD over the weekend for sure 🙂

  9. Steve Drive says:

    Will you take a sequel to “The Theory of Everything”?

    • Arjen says:

      I never plan ahead, Steve. Because I keep changing my mind all the time anyway. But it’s definitely an option!

  10. Remco says:

    Hey Arjen,

    het album was gisteren bij mij bezorgd, dagen eerder dan verwacht.
    Het is weer geniaal zoals altijd, heeft wel zoals altijd een paar luisterbeurten nodig om goed door te laten doordringen. Zoals bijna al je albums 🙂

    Ik was wel verbaas dat er tussen meerdere tracks een (of een paar) seconden stilte zit. De eerste keer was dat vrij onverwachts, en heb ik voor de zekerheid de cd een track opnieuw laten spelen…

    Het Artbook ziet er fantastisch uit trouwens, en staat mooi naast dezelfde versie van: Avantasia – The Mystery of Time.

    • Arjen says:

      Bedankt Remco! Jazeker, het is weer geen makkelijk plaatje geworden 🙂

      Ja, klopt. Er zijn als het goed is twee pauzes, tussen Phase 1 en 2 en tussen Phase 3 en 4. Dat bedoel je toch?

      Klopt ook helemaal… ik heb het Artbook idee gejat van Tobias 🙂

      • Remco says:

        Nope, dat bedoel ik niet. Ik bedoel het binnen Fase 1, dat was tenminste de eerste keer dat het me opviel. Geloof dat het tussen deze tracks was:
        2 The Theory of Everything part 1
        3 Patterns

        Haha, dat heb je zeker goed gejat 🙂

        • Arjen says:

          Oh jee.. het is zeker niet de bedoeling dat daar een pauze zit! Weet je het zeker? Op de CD? Ik heb nog niemand daarover gehoord…

  11. Aart says:

    Hoi Arjen.

    Vandaag het album samen met het fantastische nieuwe album van The Flower Kings binnen. Zo kom ik mijn vrije dag wel door. Zojuist het album met koptelefoon en tekstboekje erbij beluisterd. Klinkt natuurlijk veel beter dan die gelekte download. Wat een waanzinnig goed album heb je weer afgeleverd. Chapeau!!

  12. Talha Muftee says:

    Greetings from Pakistan Mr. Arjen,
    Sad to say that I just came across your work, regret of never hearing this band before. To cut to the chase, I really am looking forward to this album, what I am interested in is I want to get a little closer in how does one translates an epic story like that of the universe into a creative act like music. What is the thought process? Can I get access to in depth details of this album somehow? (Asking because it could really help my thesis research). Hoping to hear from you!!

    A freshly recruited Ayreonaut looking for the ultimate question to the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything…

    • Arjen says:

      Sure Talha, just listen to the album and ask me anything. Hope I can help you, I’m afraid I’m but a simple musician!

  13. Dave K says:

    Got home today to find my copy waiting for me. Holy cow, this is quite possibly the best thing you’ve ever written, Arjen. Mind blown. Congratulations on another astounding piece of work!

  14. Hi i loved your 2009 metal opus!
    because you went all over the place
    is there going to be some different sounds
    or are you going to have the same sound?

    • Arjen says:

      Oh Andrew, I think it’s basically the same typical Ayreon sound I guess. New story though, new singers and for the first time 4 long 20+ minute tracks! I also think it’s slightly less heavy than 01011001.

  15. Arnaud says:

    I received my package, I love it.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, I already listen to background in my house.
    A pure delight

    • Arjen says:

      Glad you got it.. and like it as well! You’re very welcome, thanks for sharing!

      • Arnaud says:

        de rien, j’ai pris un grand plaisir a écouter.
        j’en parlais avec thierry (créateur du forum A-S.Com dont tu fais partie) qui attend sa commande aussi.
        encore merci 😉
        et que ton travail soit récompensé 😉

        nothing, I took a great pleasure to listen to.
        I spoke with Thierry (creator of AS.Com forum which you belong) awaits his order also.
        thank you again;)
        and your work to be rewarded 😉

  16. Paul says:

    Hey there, Arjen!
    A Big Hail from Belarus. Just wanted to say many thanks for the fantastic job you’ve been doing for us, Ayreonauts. Hope my Artbook arrives soon, if they don’t lose it somewhere =)

    P.S. Hope your arm is getting better

    • Arjen says:

      You’re welcome, Paul, hope you will get it in time! Arm not much better I’m afraid… but it doesn’t hurt so much luckily.

  17. Timo says:

    Hi Arjen!

    Let me say that your new Album is absolutely brilliant & fantastic!I haven´t been on such an intense journey for a long time!Bute i´ve two questions: Who speaks at the end of the Album? It sounds something like : from Zero to infinity and help me!What does it mean?! And who is Gjalt?Cause nobody thanks him…

    Greetings from Germany, Timo

    • Arjen says:

      Thanks for the big compliment, Timo!

      Sorry… but I will not disclose the ending… at least not yet. It’s totally up to your own interpretation. You’ll have to wait for part 2 🙂

      Gjalt is my older brother. He used to tease me as a kid, so now it’s my time to get even with him 🙂

  18. Elliot says:

    Hey Arjen! Huge fan of yours for a long time, can’t begin to thank you enough for such a fantastic contribution to music.

    I have to ask, do you have any plans to create large posters of the various Ayreon album art? I love the art style and would very much like it on my wall!

    Again, thanks for everything.

    • Arjen says:

      You’re very welcome, Elliot, my pleasure! We have posters of the last album. However, we are not allowed to sell just the artwork, just in combination with the logo and the title. Hope that’s okay!

  19. Adrian says:

    Por fin!! Un nuevo disco de Ayreon!! Excelente Noticia, contando el tiempo desde el espectacular 01011001. Podré comprarlo por Amazon? Saludos desde Venezuela y felicitaciones por ser uno de los mejores musicos del planeta Arjen.

  20. Dondergod says:

    Hé Arjen houd is op met iedereen persoonlijk te woord te staan, we verwachten wel een nieuwe Ayreon volgend jaar!

    Hahaha, nee alleen mooi zoals je iedereens vragen persoonlijk beantwoord.

    Wederom een prachtig album! Nu maar wachten tot een regisseur het wil verfilmen!

    • Arjen says:

      Haha, te laat! Bedankt, Dondergod 🙂 Tja, dat zou een droom zijn die waarheid wordt. En hele dure droom helaas!

  21. Ewen says:

    Hi Mr. Lucassen,

    Didn’t expect something like that from AYREON! I’ve received my first AYREON opus, yesterday. “The Theory Of Everything” is an interesting and surprising piece! I was so curious (and also excited!) to hear your AYREON side. I only knew STAR ONE which was, in my opinion, a promising project! Well, I really love AYREON for its “celtic” (I’m not sure the word “celtic” fits well to describe your music) but also melodic touches.

    As a newbie in AYREON camp, I’ve to admit this new release is really, really well-produced. And shame on me!, I’ve ordered “The Final Experiment” yesterday, at night, on Inside Out shop! Ah ah ah, I’m more and more addicted to your music! 🙂 I should start to play Euromillion to be able to get each album from your discography!!! 😀

    Thank you so much for your music,


    Ewen 🙂

    • Arjen says:

      Thanks for the compliments, Ewen, welcome to the crazy world of Ayreon 🙂 Hope you will enjoy the other albums as well, let us know!

  22. Quincy says:

    Hail from Australia!

    “The Theory of Everything” is surely one of your best albums! Truly a moving story – I was fully engrossed in the epic you have written… though I confess, I was half-looking for the same kind of twist that was thrown at the end of The Human Equation. Ha ha.

    Once again, congratulations on your great work – and I hope to hear more of your work in the future!

    • Arjen says:

      G’day Quincy! Great to read you enjoy the new album that much. No, no Human Equation-like twist again at the end this time. It was hard not to do it… but I made it 🙂

  23. Well, it’s been five years. Five long, and trying years biding my time waiting for the next Ayreon record here in the western part of the good ol’ US of A. 01011001 and every release prior has been a mainstay in my music arsenal, in addition to Guilt Machine and everything else you do. One of those things that, you just show your friends and they never hear you shut up about it. Ayreon, since I first laid ears upon The Human Equation, has changed my life, for a lack of less-cheesy wording. I’m more into Melodic Death Metal, and other harsher breeds of metal, but the delicious Progressive flavours you, Mr. Lucassen, provide are DRASTICALLY unrivaled by anyone of our time.

    Fanboy gush over. 😀 The Theory of Everything is phenomenal. The intricacy and well written segments are profound. At first I was a little sad when the old Ayreon story was tied up and officially over. Questioned if a “New” story would really work, or if it would have the same feelings, the same values and character development. The Theory of Everything accomplishes this by astronomical levels, and it may or may not only be the beggining. While I’ve only listened to it once today, it will be the first of many to further dissect and decipher the various degrees and plains of music involved as I have done with eveverything you’ve released thus far.

    To sum it up, I am relatively uncertain if this album is so amazing because I have been waiting for a new Ayreon release for over 5 years, or because it’s just /that/ damn good. I’m leaning towards the latter.

    You sir, have wowed me once again. And as you progress in music stylings (I’ve been following your work for years now) and the different projects you assimilate, it’s clear you are only ripening with age. The mere fact that you are humbled by your success only makes me appreciate you as a fellow musician and human being even more. I hope the situation with your arm clears up so that you have more dedicated time to doing the things you love, spending time with the people special in your life and the things that inspire you to make the great music you do, and tell the amazing stories you tell.

  24. mark stilson says:

    Ayreon why is there a delay in the release of the new album in the US.

    • Arjen says:

      Sorry Mark, I’m not aware of a delay in the US… can’t help you here! Maybe contact Inside Out or Century Media US about this?