Anthony – Pools of sorrow, waves of joy (1994)

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Anthony - Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy


Arjen Lucassen
Debby Schreuder
Mirjam van Doorn


Arjen Lucassen
Cleem Determeijer
Peter Vink

Release info

Released in 1994 by Ray’s Music B.V.
Unfortunately this album went of out print a few years ago. It is now a collector’s item. You may be able to find copies on the internet through the auction sites like eBay.

Track list

  1. Wrong Side of the Street
  2. Summer’s in the Air
  3. Best of Friends
  4. Days of he Knights
  5. Crescendo
  6. Not over You
  7. Cry Yourself to Sleep
  8. Night on the Town
  9. Little Miss understood
  10. A-losin’ You
  11. Escape
  12. Midnight Train
  13. Country Girl, City Boy
  14. Pools of Sorrow


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