Limited edition Ayreon beer

Together with the LOC Brewery and City Marketing Tilburg, we’ve arranged the production of a very limited edition of Ayreon beer. There are two brews, “Liquid Eternity” and “Remember Forever”, each with its own specially designed can.

The Ayreon beers can be bought around the time of the Into the Electric Castle and Other Tales concerts in Tilburg if you have a discount booklet.

Each booklet entitles the owner to buy 1 can (total) of limited edition Ayreon beer. We are sorry to limit sales like this, but since supplies are so limited we want to make sure as many people as possible can get their hands on one.

Please note that sales are on a first come first serve basis and that we cannot guarantee that everyone who purchases a booklet will get a beer. This is because the booklet has coupons for lots of other things apart from the beer, so there are more booklets in circulation than the total amount of beers.

The Ayreon beer cans will be available around the dates of the Ayreon concerts in Tilburg. The details of dates, times and locations are below:

LOC Brewery booth at the SmaakKarvaan festival
SmaakKaravaan is a food and beer event held in Spoorzone Tilburg. Opening times Friday 13/9 16.00-23.00 Saturday 14/9 13.00-23.00 Sunday 15/9 13.00-22.00. Spoorzone and SmaakKaravaan are just a little of the center but only a 5 minute walk.

T DRINKS (for more information opening times please check website:
Starting 10th of September T DRINKS in the center of town close to the Venue 013 will be selling the cans.

As LOC is a microbrewery focused on artisan ales they have a very limited capacity. This means that only a very limited number of beer cans could be produced. We would love to guarantee that everyone will be able to purchase a can, but that is simply not possible. However, if there are cans still available after the concert weekend, LOC will make those available for order on a first come first served basis. Please note that they will be forced to charge a handling fee for orders to be shipped and all orders will be charged upfront.

Ayreon Beer