Quiet.nl Charity Auction

Quiet 500 charity imageThis year, Ayreon is stepping up to support QUIET, an inspiring Dutch organization dedicated to brightening the lives of those facing poverty. Through fostering a sense of community, QUIET brings positivity to individuals and their families, helping them escape isolation, rebuild self-confidence, discover their talents, and find the motivation to pursue personal growth.

Artwork auction

To make a meaningful impact, we've curated 25 beautiful Ayreon concert photos, masterfully printed on large, high-quality canvases. You'll find them proudly showcased in the foyer of 013's small hall, in which the Ayreon popup store is located. After the show weekend, these beautiful art pieces will be auctioned online, with every single penny of profit going directly to QUIET.

Stay tuned, as you won't want to miss the chance to become the proud owner of one of these stunning canvases, all while contributing to a wonderful cause!

Your reusable cup deposit goes to QUIET

But it doesn't stop there. In an ongoing commitment to sustainability, the 013 venue employs reusable drink cups. By returning your reusable cup after the show, you're donating its 50-cent deposit to QUIET, amplifying your impact!

We encourage you to visit www.quiet.nl for a deeper understanding of QUIET and the incredible work they do.