Ayreon canvas auction for QUIET


Ayreon Canvas Art Dynamic Pricing: How It Works

We're thrilled to announce a unique sale of 25 Ayreon canvas artworks from the exhibition at the 01011001 Live Beneath the Waves shows, with a dynamic pricing strategy to benefit QUIET. Here’s the straightforward process:

Start: November 6, 16:00 CET in the Ayreon webshop.
Starting Price: 500 Euros for each canvas.
Daily Price Drop: The fun part! Unsold canvases drop in price by 50 Euros daily. Here's how it unfolds:

  • Day 1: Each canvas is 500 Euros.
  • Day 2 onwards (16:00 CET daily): Prices reduce by 50 Euros.
  • Day 8: Any remaining art drops to the final price of 150 Euros.

Sales Approach: It's first come, first served! See a piece you love? Don’t wait, as it might sell before the next price drop.
Additional Cost: Shipping is extra, calculated at checkout.
Charity: Every purchase supports QUIET's mission to soften the effects of silent poverty in the Netherlands. All profits go directly to them, aiding their crucial work.

Be ready on November 6 to grab your favorite canvas and support a noble cause. Bookmark our Webshop today so you'll be ready on 6 November. Your participation can change lives!

Special thanks goes out to all the wonderful photographers who generously donated their work - see it below!

Canvas info
These unique "one-off" and high resolution canvases are manufactured on heavy "structex" material in durable water-based printing and and feature a hemmed tunnel at the top and bottom.
The canvases come with a wooden hanging system so you can enjoy them right at home.
The material also lends itself perfectly to stretching on a canvas frame, consult a framer for that.

  • Landscape format 120 x 80 cm
  • Portrait format 90 x 130 cm


  • Heavy textile fabric that absorbs sound
  • The stretch makes it easy to tension the material
  • Fire retardant, therefore suitable for public spaces
  • Foldable
  • Due to the water-based printing technique, the print is odorless
  • Suitable for washing and ironing at low temperatures
  • No blockout layer, the fabric can shine through