Ayreon City Camping

Ayreon Camping - City Camping Tilburg

Are you coming to Tilburg for the Ayreon shows in September 2023, but don't have a place to stay? Let us help you find a place to rest your weary head during the festivities.

Together with 'City Camping Tilburg' we've set up a special 'Ayreon Camping' area. You can bring your own tent, camper or caravan. Fully equipped rental tents, caravans, tipi's, and mini cabins are also available. The Ayreon Camping is located 5 minutes from the Tilburg central station and only 15 minutes from the 013 venue. (Van photo above © Cloakture Photography)

For more information or to book your spot, go to:

(Photo © Cloakture Photography)
This is a fun way to spend the weekend in Tilburg amongst other Ayreon fans. During the "ITEC Live and Other Tales" shows in 2019, the Ayreon Camping was full of happy Ayreon fans, and some of the artists even came to the camping and played special acoustic shows to entertain everyone! We expect more happy Ayreon "festival vibes" in 2023 as well!
Ayreonauts camping in 2019 (photo © Cloakture Photography)
Ayreonauts at City Camping Tilburg - (photo © Cloakture Photography)
Tilburg City Camping (photo © Bas Haans Fotografie)
If camping and festival vibes just really aren't for you, we have a list of hotels and other accommodations in and around Tilburg, plus transportation options. You can find it here.